Ganefo Flyover Steel Box Girder Installed Immediately, Semarang-Karangawen Demak Line Will Be Temporarily Closed - Central Java Provincial Government

2022-07-16 00:13:34 By : Mr. Richard Wang-Tyre Supplier

SEMARANG – The Semarang-Karangawen Demak line is planned to be temporarily closed, following the installation of the Erection Steel Box Girder (SBG) or the Ganefo Flyover steel supports, Mrangen, Demak Regency.The closure will be carried out on July 14-16 July and July 21-July 23 2022. Head of the Central Java Provincial Transportation Service Henggar Budi Anggoro said his party had socialized to AKDP entrepreneurs regarding the planned temporary closure of the Semarang-Karangawen route.It is hoped that the AKDP crew can adhere to the closing time, considering that this point is a busy lane."We have socialized the AKDP along with the appeal, and it has been disseminated," said Henggar, when met at his office, Monday (11/7/2022).According to him, the closure of the installation of SBG beams at the Ganefo crossing will be carried out for six days.Namely July 14-16 and July 21-23 2022, from 00.00-06.00 WIB.They did this as a form of support for the acceleration of the construction of the Ganefo Mranggen flyover.He added that with the planned route closure, the AKDP vehicles that will operate in the morning will be disturbed later.Henggar explained that there is an alternative route on that route, but it is not possible for large buses to pass.However, for small vehicles there is no problem.“From the west, we can enter before Mranggen Market to the left.Later in the north after the crossing there is an access road to the right.To the right again can enter again into the main road.The TransJateng BRT will also adjust its operating hours.What we usually operate at 05.00, will adjust to the conditions there," he continued.As for Inter-City Inter-Provincial (AKAP) transportation, Henggar explained, the entrepreneurs have received directions not to cross the Semarang-Karangawen route.They were asked to traverse the north coast route."We have appealed for the diversion of the AKAP bus route from Jakarta to the north coast.Through Demak.The AKAP bus from Jakarta, if you enter Purwodadi, passes it to the north coast, via Demak," he added.Henggar explained that the timing for closing the route was because at that time the traffic flow was not that heavy.If the closing time is at 18.00 WIB, it has the potential to cause traffic problems."Indeed, we deliberately suggest work from that hour (00.00-06.00 WIB).If it is done since 18.00, traffic problems will be very complicated," said Henggar.He also appealed to the public or road users to join together to support the acceleration of the construction of the Ganefo flyover."We hope that the public can also understand the policy on the implementation of traffic engineering management that will be applied in relation to the implementation of the construction of the Ganefo flyover," concluded Henggar.(Ak/Ul, Central Java Diskominfo) FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinJl.Hero No.9, Mugassari, Semarang Sel., Semarang City, Central Java 50249Email: