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Technologies:Design: Relative developed software are adopted in Electromagnetic calculations, strength analysis, leakage magnetic distribution, its electro-dynamic force and electrical insulation.Manufacture:Core: Effectively upgrade transformer's no-load performance by below methods:1) The core is ma

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Design: Relative developed software are adopted in Electromagnetic calculations, strength analysis, leakage magnetic distribution, its electro-dynamic force and electrical insulation.


Core: Effectively upgrade transformer's no-load performance by below methods:

1) The core is made of high-permeable grain-orientated top quality cold-rolled silicon sheet and the material is cut with advanced Germany Geoge GmbH automatic shear line with the cut burs controlled within 0.02mm.

2) The silicon sheet fabrication adopts "no-upper yoke lapped' technology and all lapped joints of the silicon sheet are 45 full-miters. The laminated core sheets are integrally pressed and adhered with epoxy resin to make the three leg two-yoke core a strong and flat integral one with good verticality precision, this effectively improves no-load performance and reduces noises.

3) Bracing plates are used as support between coil leg and inner coil. The iron yoke is tied with epoxy resin-impregnated glass fiber band, and the lower section of oil tank is tightened with counter-pressure bolts. The upper iron and the upper section of oil tank are fixed at three locations. Hence the body inside the oil tank can withstand the vibration during transportation without any shift.


1) The high-voltage (HV) coil adopts an interleaved-continuous structure to improve the voltage characteristics under impact voltage and make voltage evenly distributed. All stays and pads are chamfered to keep highly reliable insulation.

2) In the transformer winding there is a zigzag oil guide structure so as to fully cool all areas inside the winding, lower the temperature rise of the winding and the hot points of the winding and prolong the service life of insulation. The HV and MV regulation system are independently provided with voltage-regulating winding to balance the ampere turn of each winding, effectively lower the axial electrodynamic force generated at short-circuit of transformer and improve abrupt short-circuit withstanding capacity.

3) The winding adopts radial "0" margin designed, between the core and the paper sleeve of LV winding, and between the LV, HV, voltage-regulating windings, as well as before insertion of stays and shroud plate they are fully dried and tightly matched to ensure extremely good compactness and concentricity of the entire winding.

Oil tank and accessories

1) The tank wall adopts wide steel sheet, which will be folded into corrugated structure without splicing, in this way welds are decreased and mechanical strength is enhanced, meanwhile, the corrugated wall has diverging effect, and thus plays a role in decrease of noise. The routing troughs and control cabinets of the secondary circuit are all made of stainless steel, so the entire transformer has a simple and good looking.

2) All sealing surface use quality sealing material and are precision-machined.

3) On the edge of the tank there are double sealing grooves, and the outer sealing material is used to shade the atmosphere and ultra-ray to protect the inner sealing being damaged, thus at utmost prolonging service life and enhancing reliability of the seal.
Typical projects

1) Low loss
2) Low noise
3) High efficiency
4) Low partial discharge
5) Strong mechanical strength and short-circuit withstand ability.
6) Operation reliability
7) Easy maintenance
8) Pretty outline and compact structure
9) 100% guaranteed no leakage

Brief specification
1) Voltage class: 6~110 KV
2) Capacity: 630 kVA to 120, 000 kVA
3) Short-circuit impedance: 4.5~21%
4)Losses: No-load losses is fully comply with IEC standard requirements
Type Rated Power (kVA) Rated      Voltage        (Line Side)  V  Rated Voltage (Valve Side) V Connection Symbol Active Part Weight (kg) Oil Weight (kg)Total Weight (kg)  Overall Dimension (L*W*H)     (mm)
 ZSSP-800/10 800 10000 400 Dyn11 1580 660 3240 2160*1625*1855
 ZSSP-2000/35 2000 35000 400 Yyn0 3320 1280 5735 2600*1260*2740
   ZSSP-4000/35 4000 35000 950 Dd0y11 5410 2040 9540 2570*1745*2720
  ZSSP-6300/35 6300 35000 1000 D(  ±7.5  °)dyn8600  4860 18260 3340*1875*3370
  ZSSP-7000/35  7000 35000 950 Dd0y11 8570 3390 14700 3185*985*3475
   ZSSP-8000/22 8000 22000 950  Dd0y11 8640 3340 147103210*1905*3375 
   ZSSP-8000/35 8000 35000 950 Dd0y11   9170 3590 15520 3340*1870*3490
  ZSSP-9000/35 9000 35000 950  Dd0y11 9920 4070 15740 3240*1915*3720
  ZSSP-10000/35 1000035000  1000  D(  ±7.5  °)dyn 11090 4400 188503410*1915*3845

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