Megatro Triple Tube or Tribular Telecom Tower

MEGATRO Three tube or tribular Telecom TowerThis photo refers to our Three tube or tribular Telecom Tower it is widely used in our Chinese market. Some of technical features of this tower as follow: Tower typeMEGAYRO Three tube or tribular Telecom TowerDefine Three-tube tower refers to tower column is made of steel pipe, an

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MEGATRO Three tube or tribular Telecom Tower
This photo refers to our Three tube or tribular Telecom Tower it is widely used in our Chinese market. Some of technical features of this tower as follow:
Tower typeMEGAYRO Three tube or tribular Telecom Tower
Define Three-tube tower refers to tower column is made of steel pipe, and the Tower body section is a three-side-shaped free-standing high-rise steel structure.
Main Features Tower column of three tube towers. The steel pipe is made, the section of the tower is three-side shape, it is a kind of tall steel structure different from the angle steel tower, the welding work is very heavy.
Applicable wind pressure ≤ 0.65 kn/M2
Applicable height ≤50M
Maintenance Platform According to the antenna hanging high and antenna size, flexible adjustment platform spacing, increase the number of platforms or holding Poles.
Disadvantages Advantages: Compared with the traditional angle steel tower, the section of the tower is three-side shape, the number of components is reduced, the economy is good, the area is small, the structure is simple, the construction is convenient and the installation period is shortened significantly. Luck requirements for two times are low.
Disadvantages: Three Tube tower stiffness Weaker Anti-twist Difference, not suitable for microwave tower, height should not be higher than 55m; the shape belongs to the ordinary tower, no landscape considerations. There are many components and many nodes, so it is more difficult to relocate and reuse.
Applicable scenarios1)Three tube towers applyThe scene is wide, especially suitable for the small area of the proposed site, save the construction land.
2 Industrial Development zone, such as suburban areas, county, township, rural areas, such as low demand for landscape, easy to land expropriation areas.
Construction period 3-5-day installation of tower body: Type Foundation Construction: 30-40 days, prefabricated Foundation can shorten the time limit greatly.
Base form Depending on the geological situation, Three-tube towers can be the basic forms used are: Prefabricated assembling foundation, Independent Foundation,Foundation of Raft Board, Pile Cap Foundation and other basic forms.
Cost11000-12500 per ton

. Here is the design strength of Chinese tower steel
Steel material tensile, bending and press strength (N/mm2)shear strength
Grade Thickness or diameter (mm)

5 Here is the design strength of our Chinese tower bolts
Item Grade tensile strength (N/mm2)Shear strength (N/mm2)
for towers
Chinese 35 steel 190/
Chinese 45 steel 215/

Remark: above technical data only references for our client, we can design every type for our overseas clients.

MEGATRO is a full service engineering company with a global reputation for delivering excellence and innovation in power transmission, transformation, distribution, and telecommunications systems. Our MEGATRO provide and design this type Three tube or tribular Telecom Tower mainly for our Chinese and overseas client. Since 2004, MEGATRO focus mainly international market and had export many kind of transmission structures to overseas clients. MEGATRO has been manufacturing lattice transmission tower & tapered steel poles for lighting, traffic control, communication and utility applications. MEGATRO pioneered the development of transmission tower, telecom tower, substation, and other steel structure and was also at the forefront in the design of Transmission tower.

Over 10 years of experience and innovation in engineering, designing and building towers has evolved MEGATRO into its current form:
  1. Full Turn-Key provider including site acquisition, engineering services, manufacturing,   field services-DAS, tech services, value added reseller and monitoring, maintenance and network ownership
  2. Specialize in developing supplying and building wireless and wired networks and in-building telecommunications systems, as well as energy infrastructure
  3. Single source from Design to System Integration
  4. Top quality, ISO 9001 registered
A complete selection of towers including self-support, lattice steel tower, monopoles and guyed towers, form custom-designed radar towers to broadcast towers and energy infrastructure. MEGATRO carries a variety of related products including fall protection, transmission lines, antennas, obstruction lights, and accessories, and other products if client need, MEGATRO also tailored product as per client condition.
MEGATRO mainly design all kinds of towers and posts for:
  1. Telecoms
  2. Power transmission
  3. TV and Radio Broadcast
  4. Roads and City Development
  5. Wind energy solution
  6. Steel structure and workshop

Our complete selection of towers includes:
  1. Self-supporting
  2. Monopoles
  3. Guyed towers
  4. Custom-designed radar towers
  5. Broadcast towers
  6. Power transmission

MEGATRO also designs and manufactures tower related products including:
  1. Fall protection
  2. Antenna brackets
  3. Other accessories if needed by clients

Today, with over 10 years of experience and our commitment to excellence, MEGATRO remains an industry leader in the manufacture and design of steel tubular & angular & monopole structures for all Highway, Municipal, Custom, telecom, lighting and electric Utility applications. MEGATRO has a complete staff of professional engineering personnel trained in the PLS Pole program and three different manufacturing processes for producing steel towers, poles and other supports. We utilize the latest versions of PLS-CADD, PLS-POLE, TOWER, AutoCAD and other CAD software.

The structure shall be designed according to load combinations given as per IEC 61936-1 and as illustrated below:
Normal loads
1 Dead weight load
2 Tension load
3 Erection load
4 wind load
Exceptional loads
1 Switching forces
2 short-circuit forces
3 Loss of conductor tension
4 Earthquake forces

Moreover, MEGATRO is fully equipped and qualified to carry out Design Engineering services which includes:
√ Overhead Transmission line steel tower & Telecom steel tower
   Basic Design and Analysis
√ Shop Erection Drawings
√ As-Built Drawings

MEGATRO performs in-house design activities specializing in electrical overhead transmission &telecom tower steel works, which include wind and earthquake loading, static analysis, stress analysis by finite element methods and fatigue. Our Engineering Department is boasting of highly qualified engineering who are conversant with international codes and standards. The work is carried out with extensive use of CAE/CAD via a large of computer network. The computer hardware & drafting software are liked to the CNC workshop equipment for downloading of information thereby eliminating error and saving valuable production time.

Besides, MEGATRO is one of the few manufactures who assemble a face of  Three tube or tribular Telecom Tower. This attention to quality may not be the cheapest process but it does insure every tower meets our high standards of quality. And it helps to reduce on-site construction cost due to mismatched assemblies. After fabrication all Three tube or tribular Telecom Towers are delivered to the galvanizing facility to be Hot DIP Galvanized. Towers are processed through the facility by Caustic Cleaning, Pickling, and then Fluxing. These strict procedures insure years of maintenance free towers. All finished surfaces shall be level and free of tears, burrs, clots and impurities.

Except otherwise specified elsewhere in the specification, the surface treatment and corrosion protection for all metal parts shall be in conformity with the latest revision of the standards listed below:
ASTM A 123 zinc (hot-dipped galvanized) coating on iron and steel products
DIN 55928 Protective painting of steel structure instructions
DIN 55945 Painting materials-Notions
DIN 18363 Paint work-Buildings
DIN 18364 Surface protection work for steel
DIN 53210 Determination of rust degree
DIN 55151 Determination of adhesion
ISO4628/3 Determination of rust penetration

MEGATRO' Three tube or tribular Telecom Tower systems can accommodate a variety of cross-arm. MEGATRO also offers a wide variety of accessories and mounts. 

Other information:
Availability size: Based on the customer's requirements.
Material: Chinese material or as per clients requirement
Steel grades
Tower legs: Chinese steel Q345B, which equivalent to ASTM A572 GR50
Other webs, bracing and not stress plate and angle steel: Chinese Q235B, which equivalent to ASTM A36

Plates: Chinese steel Q345B, which equivalent to ASTM A572 GR50
Bolts: Bolt quality shall be Chinese Class 6.8 and 8.8, as per our Chinese standard, or ISO 898 standard or ASTM A394 type 0,1,2,3 requirements

The anti-theft bolts shall be Huckbolt Fasteners or approved equivalent.  The fasteners shall be manufactured from high tensile steel A242 or equivalent and hot-dip galvanized in accordance with ASTM specification A153 and A394.
Fabrication standard: Chinese Standard or other standard which client accepted
A) Dimension and tolerance for angle are according to GB/T1591-1994, similar to EN 10056-1/2
B) Hot dip galvanization in accordance with GB/T 13912-2002, which similar to ASTM A 123
C) The welding will be performance in accordance with AWS D1.1 or CWB standard

D) All fastener galvanization conform to ASTM A153 requirements.

Package: Both parties discuss before delivery
Port of Loading: Qingdao Port
Lead Time: One month or based on the customer's needs (For time being our capacity about 5000 tons one month, and can meet client requirements)
Minimum order: 1 set

General Fabrication Requirements
Here is general fabrication requirements for our transmission tower; however, both parties must discuss all drawings and confirm all shop drawings, technical specification, and which standard to conform.
Before mass production, we must received all signed approved shop drawings and technical documents from our client.

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