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2022-08-20 00:24:24 By : Ms. Rita Chen

A farm extending to 996-acres is available for rent in Parracombe, Barnstable, Devon, in the UK.

According to the agents, Exmoor Farmers’ Chartered Surveyors, Part Higher Bodley Farm presents an “exciting” opportunity resulting from the owner’s intentions to “reduce his farming activities”.

The block of land, to the north and east of the village of Parracombe, contains:

This large moorland area provides what the agent described as “excellent” summer grazing.

It offers the option to outwinter a small number of cattle within the Higher Tier Countryside Stewardship Agreement, which the incoming tenant will benefit from.

In a separate block to the north of this, you will find approx. 173-acres of permanent pasture together and a “substantial” agricultural building.

This is an eight-bay steel-framed cattle shed that is approximately 80ft wide with a machinery store at either end.

The land is permanent pasture in “good-sized” enclosures with road access to many of the fields. Furthermore, there are livestock handling facilities on the north-east side.

Water supply is both natural water and a borehole system. This pumps to a tank and gravity-fed back to the buildings and fields.

According to the agent, the moorland area with some additional land is in Higher Tier Countryside Stewardship commenced in January 2019.

The incoming tenant will benefit from the agreement from next year onwards.

The listing states that it anticipates that the revenue income due on this agreement in 2023 will be to the tune of £59,539.

The agent highlighted that the principal requirements of the Countryside Stewardship are native breed at-risk cattle and moorland management as per the agreement.

The owner wishes to make up to 96 Highland cattle and 400-500 Swale ewes (all acclimatised livestock) available to an incoming tenant for purchase at the outset of the tenancy

The stocking calendar requires a minimum of 45 cattle and a maximum of 83 cattle, along with a minimum of 182 sheep and a maximum of 374 head.

According to the listing, the BPS could be in the region of £28,000.00 next year, but this could fall in the subsequent years due to forthcoming payment-related changes.

Furthermore, there is an option to lease a 3/4-bed house in Parracombe as part of the five-year farm business tenancy.

To be let by tender, tenders close on Friday, June 10th, 2022.

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